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Baby Carrier Friendly Walk - Worsley Woods

One of our favourite walks to do with the baby carrier!

Although you could walk some parts of the woods with a pram, this is a much better walk with the baby carrier as some of the route involves steps, hills and off the normal paths for tree climbing and den building if you are with other little ones.

There are various access points to the woods, you can access off the Monton Loop Line (see my pram friendly walks for more info on this), access from Beesly Green Community Centre or at the top of Sefton Drive where it meets Woodstock Drive. We like to park as close to the Sefton Drive entrance as we can as this is where the playground is and our favourite loop around the woods.

To access the woods here, you can park on Sefton Drive, but to be mindful of the residents, if it's a weekend we tend to park somewhere in Worsley village and walk up to this entrance. Orlaith loves a run around on Worsley Green and a walk along the canal so we tie this in with our trip to the woods.

Our usual route is to go off to the left after you pass the playground, make sure you keep an eye out for the wooden sculptures along the way. We like to head up to the right off the path to find some dens and fallen trees, but then back down onto the path and cross the bridge to begin the loop back to the dam. The route is signed posted along the way, but once you cross the road near the aviary, you will see some steps ahead, we like to turn right and do an extra little loop round until you get back to the steps. Once at the top of the steps, either turn right to walk into Worsley, or left to head back towards the dam and the playground.

This is our favourite loop, perfect length to carry Fiadh in the carrier and Orlaith will walk the majority of this as well, but the woods are huge and a perfect place for exploring and creating your own routes and favourite spots!

The Delph in Worsley is open for takeaway, and you can normally find the Nomad coffee van on the Bridgewater side of Worsley Green for your coffee fix! (February 2020). Obviously lots more options for food and drink once restrictions are open!

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