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Pram Friendly Walk - Sale Water Park

A walk very similar to that of Chorlton Water Park and Clifton Country Park in that it's a walk around a man made lake, but you can easily add in a stretch of the Mersey to your walk from this location or even combine Sale and Chorlton Water Park for one big walk.

I've not been to Sale with the pram as much as I've been to Chorlton water park, mostly because Chorlton has the playground as well for Orlaith, but again, during this lockdown having this local to me has been a bit of a god send!

In the past I was also put off by bringing the pram here as I've only ever really walked around the waters edge and accessed the lake via the stepping stones so I didn't even really think about how accessible it is with the pram. But it is. And easy too. If you park in the car park near to the Tree Tops Cafe, the route from behind the cafe is completely pram friendly. The path is actually a concrete type path so really easy with the pram and barely any mud.

Once you get onto the lake, you can venture down closer to the lake if you wish, may be a bit narrow in parts and muddy, but no steps or hills really so manageable with the pram. If not, stay around the top and once you get to towards the top of the lake you do end up walking next to the water for most of the walk (I become a little obsessed with being close to the water!).

Sale is known for it's water sports so on a weekend you will be able to see a variety of water sports taking place, open water swimming, kayaking and lots of jet ski's. It doesn't make for the most peaceful of walks, but Orlaith loves watching them all so makes it a bit more interesting if you have older children with you.

If just with the pram, mid week is lovely and peaceful.

Follow the lake all the way around and you will come to the main car park where the Boathouse is and the new Lakside Cafe. There is also usually an ice cream van around here too. Once you've crossed the car park, there's a little path to the right which you can walk on rather than walking on the road, back up to the Treetop Cafe and the car park. Time dependant, I then sometimes walk a bit further up past the cafe towards Jacksons Boat and walk on the river for a little bit.

The Lakeside and Treetop Cafe are both open for takeaway (March 2021), and there are accessible toilets at the Boathouse.

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