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  • Kelly Brady

Pram Friendly Walk - Bridgewater Canal, Sale

I've walked this stretch of the canal a good few times during this lockdown as it rarely gets super muddy, is local, and for the most part wide enough to walk side by side with a friend and maintain a social distance.

I've also walked it on my own as it's still busy enough to feel safe, but not too busy (mid week) to push the pram or worry about hitting people's heels!

There are many access points to the canal, and various lengths you can walk depending on how far you want to go. My usual route is either;

1. To drive and park near the Bridge Pub on Dane Road and access the canal here. You can get on to the canal on the opposite side of Dane Road from the pub, or if you turn right onto Brindley Avenue and take your first left, you can access it here also. The streets around here are permit parking but okay for up to three hours. The pub car park is sometimes open also (usually after 11am). Once on the canal, walk towards Sale and walk for as far as you like. I normally walk up to around Broadheath and back (you will see Dunelm to the right if you are not familiar with the area) which will take about an hour each way, and is around 3 miles each way. Walton Perk Cafe is situated about half way and they do the best flapjacks.

2. If parking is going to be issue around Dane Road, a second route is to drive and park at Walton Park and get on the canal here. You will access the canal about 1.5 miles further up from the above route, and will come on to the canal where Walton Perk is. I tend to walk the same direction, towards Timperly, and if you walk for an hour from this point you will end up close to Altrincham town centre. I normally turn around when I reach Seamon's Moss Bridge which is around 2.5 miles each way.

You can of course walk as far or as little as you like, or could walk in the other direction towards Stretford. But this has been a great little walk I've enjoyed doing during lockdown as an alternative to walking the streets when you've needed to get out for a bit with the pram!

Any questions feel free to send me a message or comment below!

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