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We've started weaning!!

You may have seen on my Instagram that we have started weaning Fiadh this week! She has been showing the signs that she is ready for a good few weeks now so we gave her a try with some baby rice at the weekend and it was an absolute hit!

I wanted to wait until she was 6 months (which is only a couple of weeks away), as weaning early I've read can cause some allergens to present themselves as their bodies are not ready to tolerate the foods yet (this is especially true for gluten), and also, because to be honest, it's a bloody ball ache just as you've got into a really good feeding routine you have to start adding solids to the mix! As many of you know, Orlaith suffered with allergic reactions during her weaning journey so this is another reason I've been delaying (and fearing!) the process.

BUT, the last couple of weeks I've been struggling to fill her up during the day, she has been showing a real interest in food (literally staring at us like a little puppy begging for food and licking her lips, trying to grab my toast etc), is able to sit comfortably in a highchair and has good hand-eye coordination so I knew deep down she was ready. Plus I mentioned it in passing to Orlaith and she has not stopped asking 'when are we feeding Fiadh' about 100 times a day! So I finally gave in at the weekend, bought some weaning bits and gave it a go to see how she got on.

To say she enjoyed it was an understatement. She ate it all. Didn't spit any back out and was already so good at trying to feed herself. Oh and screamed and screamed for more.

We are sticking to the baby rice and baby porridge for the next couple of weeks, offering it to her around lunch time every day (best time is not too hungry or too sleepy) and then start trying her with some veggies once she turns six months. We did a mixture of baby led weaning and spoon feeding with Orlaith and will probably do the same with Fiadh.

Will be updating on a regular basis so would love for you to join us! Let me know your top weaning tips below!

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